Entry: Angle

URI: http://registry.it.csiro.au/def/qudt/1.1/qudt-quantity/Angle

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is a space and time quantity kind | quantity kind
submitted bySimon Cox

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date submitted 10 Aug 2015 10:20:31.761
entity Angle
source graph graph

item class quantity kind | space and time quantity kind
label Angle
notation Angle
register qudt quantity
status status experimental
account name simon.cox@csiro.au
name Simon Cox

type register item
version info 1

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description The inclination to each other of two intersecting lines, measured by the arc of a circle intercepted between the two lines forming the angle, the center of the circle being the point of intersection. An acute angle is less than 90°; a right angle 90 °; an obtuse angle, more than 90° but less than 180 °; a straight angle, 180°; a reflex angle, more than 180° but less than 360°; a perigon, 360°. Any angle not a multiple of 90° is an oblique angle. If the sum of two angles is 90°, they are complementary angles; if 180°, supplementary angles; if 360°, explementary angles. Two adjacent angles have a common vertex and lie on opposite sides of a common side. A dihedral angle is the angle between two intersecting planes. A spherical angle is the angle between two intersecting great circles.
exact match Angle | Angle
generalization Dimensionless Ratio
label Angle
specialization Solid Angle | Plane Angle
type space and time quantity kind | quantity kind


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