Entry: Acceleration

URI: http://registry.it.csiro.au/def/qudt/1.1/qudt-quantity/Acceleration

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is a space and time quantity kind | quantity kind
submitted bySimon Cox

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date submitted 10 Aug 2015 10:20:31.779
entity Acceleration
source graph graph

item class space and time quantity kind | quantity kind
label Acceleration
notation Acceleration
register qudt quantity
status status experimental
account name simon.cox@csiro.au
name Simon Cox

type register item
version info 1

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description Acceleration is the (instantaneous) rate of change of velocity. Acceleration may be either linear acceleration, or angular acceleration. It is a vector quantity with dimension length/time^2 for linear acceleration, or in the case of angular acceleration, with dimension angle/time^2. In SI units, linear acceleration is measured in meters/second^2 (m·s^-2) and angular acceleration is measured in radians/second^2. In common speech, the term acceleration is only used for an increase in speed. In physics, any increase or decrease in speed is referred to as acceleration and similarly, motion in a circle at constant speed is also an acceleration, since the direction component of the velocity is changing.
exact match Acceleration | Acceleration
label Acceleration
specialization Angular Acceleration | Linear Acceleration
top concept of Quantity kinds
type space and time quantity kind | quantity kind


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