Register: Quantity kinds

URI: http://registry.it.csiro.au/def/qudt/1.1/qudt-quantity

Quantity kinds from QUDT v1.1

Core metadata

is a Register | Container
last changed on 10 Aug 2015 10:20:32.101
submitted bySimon Cox

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date submitted 10 Aug 2015 10:20:31.652
entity Quantity kinds
entity version qudt quantity:1

description Quantity kinds from QUDT v1.1
item class Register
label Quantity kinds
notation qudt-quantity
register 1.1
status status experimental
account name simon.cox@csiro.au
name Simon Cox

type register item
version info 1

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description Quantity kinds from QUDT v1.1
hierarchy child property specialization
hierarchy root property top concept of
label Quantity kinds
member Absorbed Dose Rate | Angular Frequency | Area | Absorbed Dose | Angle | Angular Velocity | Angular Acceleration | Angular Momentum | Area Angle | Area Temperature | Area Thermal Expansion | Acceleration | Activity | Amount of Substance | Amount of Substance Per Unit Volume | Area Time | Area per Time | Amount of substance per unit mass | Action | Absolute Humidity
modified 10 Aug 2015 10:20:32.101
notation qudt-quantity
type Register | Container
version info 2
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Contents (tree view)

Absorbed Dose Rate experimental
Acceleration experimental
Action experimental
Amount of Substance experimental
Area experimental
Area Angle experimental
Area per Time experimental
Area Temperature experimental
Area Thermal Expansion experimental
Area Time experimental
Area Time Temperature experimental
Asset experimental
Atomic Charge experimental
Capacitance experimental
Capacity experimental
Catalytic Activity experimental
Coefficient of Heat Transfer experimental
Concentration experimental
Cubic Electric Dipole Moment per Square Energy experimental
Curvature experimental
Data Rate experimental
Density experimental
Dimensionless experimental
Electric Charge experimental
Electric Charge Line Density experimental
Electric Charge per Amount of Substance experimental
Electric Charge per Unit Area experimental
Electric Charge per Mass experimental
Electric Charge Volume Density experimental
Electric Conductivity experimental
Electric Current experimental
Electric Current Density experimental
Electric Current per Angle experimental
Electric Current per Unit Energy experimental
Electric Current per Unit Length experimental
Electric Dipole Moment experimental
Electric Field experimental
Electric Flux experimental
Electric Quadrupole Moment experimental
Energy and Work experimental
Energy and Work per Mass Amount of Substance experimental
Energy Density experimental
Energy per Area experimental
Energy per Area Electric Charge experimental
Energy per Electric Charge experimental
Energy per Square Magnetic Flux Density experimental
Energy per Temperature experimental
Force experimental
Force Magnitude experimental
Force Per Area experimental
Force Per Area Time experimental
Force per Electric Charge experimental
Force per Unit Length experimental
Frequency experimental
Gravitational Attraction experimental
Heart Rate experimental
Inductance experimental
Information Entropy experimental
Inverse Amount of Substance experimental
Inverse Energy experimental
Inverse Length experimental
Inverse Length Temperature experimental
Inverse Magnetic Flux experimental
Inverse Permittivity experimental
Inverse Square Energy experimental
Inverse Time Temperature experimental
Inverse Volume experimental
Length experimental
Length Force experimental
Length Energy experimental
Length Mass experimental
Length Molar Energy experimental
Length per Unit Electric Current experimental
Length per Unit Magnetic Flux experimental
Length Temperature experimental
Length Temperature Time experimental
Linear Energy Transfer experimental
Linear Thermal Expansion experimental
Luminance experimental
Luminous Efficacy experimental
Luminous Energy experimental
Luminous Flux experimental
Luminous Flux per Area experimental
Luminous Intensity experimental
Magnetic Dipole Moment experimental
Magnetic Field experimental
Magnetic Flux experimental
Magnetic Flux per Unit Length experimental
Magnetomotive Force experimental
Mass experimental
Mass Amount of Substance experimental
Mass Amount of Substance Temperature experimental
Mass per Area experimental
Mass per Area Time experimental
Mass per Electric Charge experimental
Mass per Length experimental
Mass per Time experimental
Mass Temperature experimental
Microbial Formation experimental
Molar Angular Momentum experimental
Molar Energy experimental
Molar Heat Capacity experimental
Molar Mass experimental
Molar Volume experimental
Moment of Inertia experimental
Momentum experimental
Permeability experimental
Permittivity experimental
Polar moment of inertia experimental
Polarizability experimental
Power experimental
Power Area experimental
Power Area per Solid Angle experimental
Power per Area experimental
Power per Area Angle experimental
Power per Area Quartic Temperature experimental
Power per Electric Charge experimental
Quartic Electric Dipole Moment per Cubic Energy experimental
Radiant Intensity experimental
Resistance experimental
Respiratory Rate experimental
Second Moment of Area experimental
Signal Detection Threshold experimental
Specific Energy experimental
Specific Heat Capacity experimental
Specific Heat Pressure experimental
Specific Heat Volume experimental
Specific Volume experimental
Speed experimental
Square Energy experimental
Standard Gravitational Parameter experimental
Temperature Amount of Substance experimental
Temperature per Magnetic Flux Density experimental
Temperature per Time experimental
Thermal Conductivity experimental
Thermal Energy Length experimental
Thermal Insulance experimental
Thermal Resistance experimental
Thermal Resistivity experimental
Temperature experimental
Thrust to Mass Ratio experimental
Time experimental
Time Squared experimental
Time Temperature experimental
Torque experimental
Turbidity experimental
Velocity experimental
Video Frame Rate experimental
Viscosity experimental
Volume experimental
Volume per Unit Time experimental
Volume Thermal Expansion experimental
Volumetric Heat Capacity experimental
Weight experimental