Register: DataCite v4.1 resource types

URI: http://registry.it.csiro.au/def/datacite/resourceType

List of resource-types from DataCite metadata schema

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is a Register | Container
last changed on 19 Jul 2018 01:21:01.158
submitted bySimon Cox
accepted on 19 Jul 2018 01:28:38.392

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date accepted 19 Jul 2018 01:28:38.392
date submitted 19 Jul 2018 00:50:42.413
entity DataCite v4.1 resource types
entity version resource type:2

description <p>List of resource-types from <a href="https://schema.datacite.org/meta/kernel-4.1/include/datacite-resourceType-v4.1.xsd">DataCite metadata schema</a></p>
item class Container | Register
label DataCite v4.1 resource types
modified 19 Jul 2018 00:53:51.875
notation resourceType
register datacite
status status experimental
account name https://plus.google.com/+SimonCox1959
name Simon Cox

type register item
version info 3

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description <p>List of resource-types from <a href="https://schema.datacite.org/meta/kernel-4.1/include/datacite-resourceType-v4.1.xsd">DataCite metadata schema</a></p>
label DataCite v4.1 resource types
member Image | data paper | Text | Software | Workflow | Dataset | Model | interactive resource | Sound | physical object | Event | Collection | Audiovisual | Other | Service
modified 19 Jul 2018 01:21:01.158
notation resourceType
see also 0014
source DataCite Metadata Working Group. (2017). DataCite Metadata Schema Documentation for the Publication and Citation of Research Data. Version 4.1. DataCite e.V. 10.5438/0014.
type Register | Container
version info 17
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Name Notation Description Types Status
Audiovisual Audiovisual A series of visual representations imparting an impression of motio... Concept experimental
Collection Collection An aggregation of resources, which may encompass collections of one... Concept experimental
data paper DataPaper A factual and objective publication with a focused intent to identi... Concept experimental
Dataset Dataset Data encoded in a defined structure. Concept experimental
Event Event A non-persistent, time-based occurrence. Concept experimental
Image Image A visual representation other than text. Concept experimental
interactive resource InteractiveResource A resource requiring interaction from the user to be understood, ex... Concept experimental
Model Model An abstract, conceptual, graphical, mathematical or visualization m... Concept experimental
Other Other If selected, supply a value for ResourceType. Concept experimental
physical object PhysicalObject An inanimate, three-dimensional object or substance. Concept experimental
Service Service An organized system of apparatus, appliances, staff, etc., for supp... Concept experimental
Software Software A computer program in source code (text) or compiled form. Use this... Concept experimental
Sound Sound A resource primarily intended to be heard. Concept experimental
Text Text A resource consisting primarily of words for reading. Concept experimental
Workflow Workflow A structured series of steps which can be executed to produce a fin... Concept experimental