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member Degraded soil | Blanket fertilizer recommendations | Crop residues | best bet | Conservation tillage | Agroecology | Dryland farming | Agronomy | Agronomic efficiency | dis adoption | Conservation agriculture | Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi | Buffering capacity | Crop rotation | Adulterate | Agroforestry | Eutrophication | Competing claims | best fit | Ecology
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Name Notation Description Types Status
Adulterate Adulterate Make poor in quality by adding another substance, especially relate... Concept stable
Agroecology Agroecology_ The science of applying ecological concepts and principles to the d... Concept stable
Agroforestry Agroforestry Multiple cropping land-use systems that involve the production of a... Concept stable
Agronomic efficiency AgronomicEfficiency The additional amount of yield obtained per kilogram of nutrient ad... Concept stable
Agronomy Agronomy The theory and practice of crop production and soil management. Concept stable
Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi ArbuscularMycorrhizalFungi A type of mycorrhiza in which the fungus penetrates the cortical ce... Concept stable
best bet Best-bet Solutions or technologies considered most likely to give the best r... Concept stable
best fit Best-fit Solutions or technologies most likely to give the best results in a... Concept stable
Blanket fertilizer recommendations BlanketFertilizerRecommendations Fixed fertilizer recommendations that do not consider variability i... Concept stable
Buffering capacity BufferingCapacity The extent to which a soil resists changes in pH. Soils containing ... Concept stable
Competing claims CompetingClaims When different stakeholders with divergent interests are seeking to... Concept stable
Conservation agriculture ConservationAgriculture Cropping and land management system that involves reduced tillage, ... Concept stable
Conservation tillage ConservationTillage A form of tillage that leaves at least 30% of previous crop residue... Concept stable
Crop residues CropResidues The part of the crop biomass that is left when the economic yieldin... Concept stable
Crop rotation CropRotation A temporal sequence of different crops cultivated in the same field. Concept stable
Degraded soil DegradedSoil A soil deficient in nutrients and depleted in organic matter, with ... Concept stable
dis adoption Dis-adoption When farmers that participated in a project revert back to their pr... Concept stable
Dryland farming DrylandFarming When crops are grown in low-rainfall areas without irrigation. Concept stable
Ecology Ecology The study of the relationships that living organisms have with each... Concept stable
Eutrophication Eutrophication Excessive growth of algae or aquatic plants due to the presence of ... Concept stable