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label Glossary of climate change acronyms
member BINGO | Berlin Mandate | CC:TRAIN | Clean Development Mechanism | Brazilian proposal | Bali Action Plan | Article 6 Supervisory Committee | Biomass fuels or biofuels | Bali Road Map | CDM Help Desk | Article 4.2 | Bonn fund | Bureau | Bonn agreements | CACAM | CDM Loan Scheme | CBD | CFC | Bunker fuels | Certified emission reductions
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source United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change
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Name Notation Description Types Status
Article 4.2 Article-4-2 An article of the Convention stating the specific commitments of de... Concept stable
Article 6 Supervisory Committee Article-6-Supervisory-Committee A committee providing international oversight of 'track-two' joint ... Concept stable
Bali Action Plan BAP Included in the Bali Road Map, agreed at the Conference of the Part... Concept stable
BINGO BINGO Business and industry non-governmental organisations. Concept stable
Bali Road Map Bali-Road-Map The Bali Road Map was adopted at the 13th Conference of the Parties... Concept stable
Berlin Mandate Berlin-Mandate Adopted at COP-1, the mandate that launched negotiations leading to... Concept stable
Biomass fuels or biofuels Biomass-fuels-or-biofuels A fuel produced from dry organic matter or combustible oils produce... Concept stable
Bonn agreements Bonn-agreements Informal term for a political deal reached at COP-6 in Bonn, German... Concept stable
Bonn fund Bonn-fund A special UNFCCC fund for contributions from the Government of Germ... Concept stable
Brazilian proposal Brazilian-proposal A proposal by the delegation of Brazil made in May 1997 as part of ... Concept stable
Bunker fuels Bunker-fuels A term used to refer to fuels consumed for international marine and... Concept stable
Bureau Bureau A body responsible for directing the work of the COP. Its 10 member... Concept stable
CACAM CACAM Negotiating coalition of countries of Central Asia and the Caucasus... Concept stable
CBD CBD Convention on Biological Diversity. Concept stable
CC:TRAIN CC-TRAIN Training methodology for assessing vulnerability to climate change. Concept stable
Clean Development Mechanism CDM A mechanism under the Kyoto Protocol through which developed countr... Concept stable
CDM Help Desk CDM-Help-Desk A support initiative for project participants, developers, coordina... Concept stable
CDM Loan Scheme CDM-Loan-Scheme An interest-free, loan initiative that provides funding to projects... Concept stable
Certified emission reductions CER A Kyoto Protocol unit equal to 1 metric tonne of CO2 equivalent. CE... Concept stable
CFC CFC Chlorofluorocarbon. Concept stable