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Glossary of terms used in reporting for the National Livestock Methane Program (Australia)

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description Glossary of terms used in reporting for the National Livestock Methane Program (Australia)
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comment Glossary of terms used in reporting for the National Livestock Methane Program (Australia)
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description Glossary of terms used in reporting for the National Livestock Methane Program (Australia)
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member Atmospheric lifetime | Biotechnology | cO2 equivalent | Autotrophy | Archaea | Baseline | Attributable process | Barrier | Antibody | Antibiotic | Avoided emissions | Carbon Sequestration | Biomass | Bacterium (plural bacteria) | Carbon Emission Reduction Scheme | Carbon credits | Carbon Capture and Sequestration | Carbon Dioxide (CO2) | Carbon cycle | Antigen
modified 9 Dec 2015 02:44:32.781
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source national livestock methane program
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Name Notation Description Types Status
Antibiotic Antibiotic A substance produced by bacteria or fungi that destroys or prevents... Concept stable
Antibody Antibody A protein produced by the body?s immune system in response to a for... Concept stable
Antigen Antigen Any foreign substance, usually a protein that stimulates the body's... Concept stable
Archaea Archaea The Archaea (singular archaeon) constitute a domain or kingdom of s... Concept stable
Atmospheric lifetime Atmospheric-lifetime The major greenhouse gases are well-mixed in the atmosphere and tak... Concept stable
Attributable process Attributable-process Attributable processes are any service, material and energy flows t... Concept stable
Autotrophy Autotrophy Life forms that use carbon dioxide as the sole or principal carbon ... Concept stable
Avoided emissions Avoided-emissions Avoided emissions are reductions in emissions caused indirectly by ... Concept stable
Bacterium (plural bacteria) Bacterium-plural-bacteria A single-celled, microscopic organism without a distinct nucleus. Concept stable
Barrier Barrier Any obstacle to reaching a goal, adaptation or mitigation potential... Concept stable
Baseline Baseline The reference from which measurable abatement of greenhouse gases c... Concept stable
Biomass Biomass Plant or animal matter (including agricultural waste) used as a fue... Concept stable
Biotechnology Biotechnology Technology that relies on biological organisms or processes to prod... Concept stable
cO2 equivalent CO2-equivalent The amount of CO2 emissions that would cause the same time-integrat... Concept stable
Carbon Capture and Sequestration Carbon-Capture-and-Sequestration Carbon capture and sequestration (CCS) is a set of technologies tha... Concept stable
Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Carbon-Dioxide-CO2 A naturally occurring gas. It is the by-product of respiration of ... Concept stable
Carbon Emission Reduction Scheme Carbon-Emission-Reduction-Scheme A method such as a carbon tax or carbon trading scheme that reduces... Concept stable
Carbon Sequestration Carbon-Sequestration Terrestrial, or biologic, carbon sequestration is the process by wh... Concept stable
Carbon credits Carbon-credits A means of reducing the impact of greenhouse gas emissions by estab... Concept stable
Carbon cycle Carbon-cycle The carbon cycle is the flow of carbon (in various forms) through t... Concept stable