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entity List of terms for CABI
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label List of terms for CABI
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register agriculture
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label List of terms for CABI
member Fallow period | Intercropping | Farmyard manure | Grain legume | Intensification | Ex ante analysis | Ex post analysis | Heterogeneity | Hyphae | Farming system | Judicious | Farm system | growth limiting | Home fields | Inoculation | growth reducing | Farm gate price | Georeference | Green Revolution | Hardpan
modified 9 Aug 2016 07:43:45.689
pref label List of terms for CABI
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Name Notation Description Types Status
Ex ante analysis ExAnteAnalysis An assessment of the expected impact of an intervention prior to im... Concept stable
Ex post analysis ExPostAnalysis An evaluation of the observed impact of an intervention after imple... Concept stable
Fallow period FallowPeriod The period during which a field is rested in order to restore soil ... Concept stable
Farm gate price FarmGatePrice The price of produce the farmer would expect to receive when produc... Concept stable
Farm system FarmSystem A household, its resources and the resource flows and interactions ... Concept stable
Farming system FarmingSystem A population of individual farm systems. The farming system include... Concept stable
Farmyard manure FarmyardManure A mixture of dung and urine from farm animals, litter and leftover ... Concept stable
Georeference Georeference The grid coordinates that define the spatial position of an object,... Concept stable
Grain legume GrainLegume A legume crop grown primarily for its grain yield. Concept stable
Green Revolution GreenRevolution A series of research, development and technology transfer initiativ... Concept stable
growth limiting Growth-limiting Factors such as water and nutrients or feed and foraging time that ... Concept stable
growth reducing Growth-reducing Factors such as pests, weeds, diseases and pollutants that reduce t... Concept stable
Hardpan Hardpan Dense sub-surface layer of soil that is impervious to water. Mainly... Concept stable
Heterogeneity Heterogeneity Lack of uniformity. Used to describe the variability in soil fertil... Concept stable
Home fields HomeFields Fields located close to the homestead that are generally well manag... Concept stable
Hyphae Hyphae Long branches of fungus structures that are the main mode of vegeta... Concept stable
Inoculation Inoculation The process of applying commercially produced rhizobial inoculants ... Concept stable
Intensification Intensification Practices that results in increases in productivity per unit land a... Concept stable
Intercropping Intercropping The cultivation of two or more crops on the same piece of land. Cro... Concept stable
Judicious Judicious According to precise or sound judgement. Concept stable