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Name Notation Description Status
  Structure structure Code lists used to aid organizing and presenting the registry conte... stable
  Organizations org Organizations known to this registry stable
  UI ui Codes and concepts used to guide the presentation of the registry u... stable
  Entity types entity-type Codes used to describe the type of entity that a code list is used ... stable
  Categories category Codes used to classify collections in the registry stable
  Ontologies ont Some ontologies published through this registry stable
  Data types data-type A linked data register of Data Types stable
  Licences licence Licences for use of software, data, documents and other resources stable
  BA sandbox ba Sandbox register for Bioregional Assessments program experimental
  BoM Sandbox bom Sandbox register for Bureau of Meteorology experimental
  environmental features feature Generic features used in definitions of observable properties stable
  substances and taxa object This vocabulary contains a set of substances and taxa which may app... stable
  observable properties property A collection of observable properties. This vocabulary defines ... stable
  quantity kinds quantity-kind This vocabulary contains a set of quantity kind individuals that ar... stable
  units of measure unit This register defines some units of measure used in groundwater, su... stable