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Name Notation Description Status
  Structure structure Code lists used to aid organizing and presenting the registry conte... stable
  Organizations org Organizations known to this registry stable
  UI ui Codes and concepts used to guide the presentation of the registry u... stable
  Entity types entity-type Codes used to describe the type of entity that a code list is used ... stable
  Categories category Codes used to classify collections in the registry stable
  System register system Internal registers which are used to control system operation stable
  bulk collection types bulkCollectionTypes System register describing the data types which can be uploaded as ... stable
  Link definitions links A system register which lists all link definitions which the UI sho... stable
  typed templates typed-templates System register containing collection of templates which can be use... stable
  prefixes prefixes System register containing the prefix mappings used in serializations stable
  form templates form-templates System register containing a collection of form templates which are... stable